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Cab, Limo, Taxi, Special Rate* $43.00 from Ann Arbor to Detroit Metro Airport
(734) 845-9222


S. Khatri "I'll always choose Fare Ride. Very reliable and friendly cab service for me. They also treat their drivers very well, all of them seem to enjoy working with this cab and limo company. Once I heard about other services around town not providing their drivers reasonable leases or with a fair share of business or appropriate percentages that can support the high cost of living in the area, I stopped using them." - 5 star Google Review
L. Burgess "Thank you for the wonderful service. Good to know there is a reliable cab service in Ann Arbor again. Vehicle was clean and smoke free. The driver was absolutely about customer service.." - 5 star Google Review
Robby D. "I have to say without a doubt that this company has been one of the most dependable cab companies that I have ever called on to assist me with my transportation needs. Transportation was a daily service that I needed because I was new to the area after just recently moving here to Ann Arbor and had no knowledge of where to go, the drivers here helped me day in and day out with getting to know the community areas and the easy routes to take on these very unfamiliar roads. Every dollar I spent with them was well worth it because without them and their services I would probably still be stuck as to where I should be going, been late for work and I probably wouldn't even have a home now. I moved here from the west coast for my new job and didn't have much of any time to really organize time for viewing properties in Ann Arbor therefore i called these guys at Fare Ride quickly after work to come get me to then show me around town to find a place to live so I could hurry up and get my family in a comfortable home. This company even showed me where some of the best restaurants and grocery stores were instead of me going to fast food places every day while being stuck in a hotel which was drastically accumulating a huge bill that was much more than the costs of an apartment or an average market valued home here. Dealing with these guys saved me lots of stress and worry and made my transition here much more smoother than I anticipated. It was a Godsend for sure and I hope He blesses this company for being extra helpful towards us while being new around town. Many other drivers or taxi companies may have taken advantage of us while being so green. I truly believe it's such an important aspect in life while being new to a place that there's people and businesses that can actually provide tours and information to new residents because for us we have never driven on snow before and were totally scared on how to handle these rough roads. It was Fare Ride who gave us the knowledge and the encouragement to get comfortable here and relax. I highly recommend Fare Ride to anyone who is interested in transportation services or a taxi in this area because businesses like this are what people need in every community and we are so thankful for them helping us for the 2 weeks during the complicated moving process which we had to endure, everything happened so fast and was so crammed in around work and family time that I never thought it would of been done during the bad weather we experienced in Michigan this winter. Fare Ride Cab was always on time and they were never EVER late even through all the heavy traffic for two weeks during rush hour to and from work this company was always there and ALWAYS on time which was very impressive because I understand its very difficult to do here. Thanks for everything FARE RIDE and we hope to see you see as we will Only be calling you guys when ever we need a ride and everyone else should definitely do the same too." -  5 star Yelp Review.
Armando Gomez, "Has great deals for DTW airport. They were on time, driver was polite and we had a nice chat, additionally, the car was spotless. Very good service." - 5 star Google Review.
Kyle Finley, "Had a comfortable and clean ride with Dan today. Initially, calling the main line and booking my reservation was quite easy. Their dispatcher was very polite to me when placing my Ride request; he arranged everything swiftly in an organized fashion. I feel confident with their standard cab service, can also imagine the black car upgrade is even more prestigious, definitely would recommend them to anyone." - 5 star Google Review.
Melissa Peterson, "This cab service has been good for me so far, they are nice and the cars are clean and seem to be in pretty good shape. The most important thing has been how fast they show up compared to other taxis services in Ann Arbor. I'll usually call them first but also online booking has been efficient when I can't get through. I recommend them for others to try." 4 star Google Review.
Joseane Barboza, "They attended promply. The car is very comfortable and the driver is so nice and friendly. As a tourist I was pleased with the service and the price is very fair. I recommend!" - 5 star Google Review.

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